Covid 19 Response
Myrah Construction's response to the COVID-19 strain of the global coronavirus disease in terms of business continuity.
At Myrah we take the health and safety of our staff, supply chain and external contractors  at our projects very seriously.
In accordance with the Site Operating Procedures, all of Myrah Construction’s projects continue to enforce social distancing and avoid close working as far as possible. Where it is not possible to avoid close working, we have developed updated risk assessments for specific tasks and activities aligned to agreed industry mitigating actions.
We will be continually monitoring the Government’s website and daily updates by the Prime Minister and using the information to guide us in forming and amending our policies and approach.
At present the business is operating as normal and any changes in our response as a result of Government guidance and/or directives will be notified to our stakeholders.
In this fast changing environment Myrah Construction  has undertaken a number of measures to ensure the safety and health of our employees and those connected with our works, which include continued planning to identify and mitigate keys risks and to reposed accordingly.
As the exposure rates change and with the evolving Government guidance, our planing will remain fluid and able to quickly respond to change.